• Account with Dropblogr
    Account with Dropblogr
    Done for you Affiliate website builder with pre-selected products and review system. It comes with free hosting plus license to connect custom domain. Due to some refund abusiveness, i can only give you an account 30 days after purchase when refund period expires.
    Value: $297
  • Account with DFY Review Funnel
    Account with DFY Review Funnel
    Premium cloud-based app that allows you to create an affiliate product review funnel with DFY Lead Pages, DFY Promotional Pages and DFY Bonus Delivery. Due to many refund abusiveness, i can only give you an account 30 days when refund expires. After that time, you can shoot an email to me with receipt
    Value: $297
  • Account with Video Syndication Software
    Account with Video Syndication Software
    Premium video software allows you to upload video and syndicate it into multiple Social Plattform. It also enables feature to download Royalty Free License video for you or video editing tool. Notes: we reserve the right to delete your account if you are caught claiming refund.
    Value: $297
  • 1500+ Video Asset Library [PNG, SVG & GIF]
    1500+ Video Asset Library [PNG, SVG & GIF]
    1500+ Video Asset Library comes with thousands of engaging, creative, and eye-popping video assets cutting across several activities, professions, posture, mood, etc. Each asset file comes in multiple formats to suit your different needs - PNG, SVG, GIF, etc. All assets are compatible with all your popular video creation software like Powerpoint, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effect, Camtasia, Animation Studio, etc. With this, customizing your video templates becomes super easy and far less demanding as you get all the asset you need at your disposal.
    Value: $697
  • Account with Upreachr
    Account with Upreachr
    This software will help you find influencers on Tiktok, Instagram, Reddit and many other places. Then, you can send message in bulk towards influencers and make a deal with them. Due to refund abusiveness, this app is only accessible when refund period expires.
    Value: $297
  • 220+ Done For You Local Video Templates
    220+ Done For You Local Video Templates
    Create Highly Engaging & Profit Pulling Videos In Minutes . . . Done-For-You Video Templates, Audio Tracks and Stock Images . . . Using Only MicroSoft Powerpoint! 220+ Brand new collection of Premium PowerPoint video templates that are aesthetic, responsive and easy to use. Comes with beautiful artistic effects yet so easy to edit. No matter what kind of video you’re trying to create, there’s a video template for you. DFY Local Vids makes video creation drop-dead simple.
    Value: $397
  • WP Ultimate Pro
    WP Ultimate Pro
    Software helps you increase conversion on your existing Wordpress Site with tons of premium templates.
    Value: $247
  • Blog Buzz
    Blog Buzz
    Discover How This Cool Blog Finder Software Can Help Boost Your Link Building & SEO Efforts Instantly!
    Value: $197
  • Commercial Rights to Slick Wp Page Builder
    Commercial Rights to Slick Wp Page Builder
    A slick WordPress page builder to build out customized sites right from within the dashboard! COMES WITH 30+ CONTENT ELEMENTS This WordPress Page builder comes packed with loads of content elements – you can start building your layouts in minutes with drag and drop features and with no coding experience. And it is very easy to extend. LIGHTNING FAST VISUAL BUILDER It is a speed champion and only WordPress drag and drop page builder with the instant user interface response – no more waiting and nail biting.
    Value: $197
  • 60 Photoshop Action Scripts
    60 Photoshop Action Scripts
    Are you a blogger, affiliate marketer or an email marketing expert, then you must offer a lead magnet to make your visitors join your email list? And its no secret that attractive visuals grab your visitors eye and get them hooked. So, here’s an easy to use package that creates a 3D eBook cover design in just a few clicks.
    Value: $197
  • Account with Videract
    Account with Videract
    Access the software that helps you improve conversions, engagements into an existing video (can be uploaded or use Youtube) with Call to Action and Major Autoresponder Integrations. To access this software, you can only contact after 30 days of your purchase when refund period expires (include your name, your email and your purchase receipt). Due to abusiveness of those who claim refund, you can only claim this bonus only when refund period expires
    Value: $297
  • WP Traffic Shift
    WP Traffic Shift
    This simple and high utility plugin automates the process of redirecting the existing URL of your WP site to a new URL and is particularly useful if you are migrating pages from an old website, or are changing the directory of your WordPress installation. It helps you drive traffic anywhere you want in few easy clicks.
    Value: $197
  • WP Personalizer
    WP Personalizer
    This engagement and conversion boosting plugin allows you to create unlimited personalized landing pages for your Social, Advertisement & Email Campaigns without having to build landing pages. It uses dynamic pages which means you can personalize any existing WordPress page/post by adding shortcode & simply editing the URL.
    Value: $197
  • Fan Automater
    Fan Automater
    This Software Will 100% Automate Your Facebook Marketing & Help You Grow REAL, Targeted FANS to Any Fanpage in under 2 minutes...
    Value: $247
  • WP Viral Quiz Jeet
    WP Viral Quiz Jeet
    Create awesome and Instasuite quizzes on your WP site, as Buzzfeed does, but with more features ! It’s the best and the simplest wordpress quiz plugin ever !
    Value: $197
  • HD Stock Video Bundle
    HD Stock Video Bundle
    HD stock videos cost $150 to $300 each. Craft studio-grade professional videos using this huge collection of HD stock videos and backgrounds.
    Value: $197
  • FB Viral Turbo Engine
    FB Viral Turbo Engine
    This is a 3 in 1 and the most powerful viral facebook application you will ever come across. It utilizes social features of Facebook ie Invite and Share to build you a huge list by collecting email address from your audience on facebook before giving away your freebie etc
    Value: $147
  • Page Display Kit
    Page Display Kit
    This tool enables you to display any Facebook page inside your own website. It comes with a Facebook connect functionality that enables you users to connect with their Facebook account, and be able to display their own Facebook pages. This application also provides a mechanism to showcase any of you chosen Facebook pages, without the need of any user to connect to be able to view it.
    Value: $147
  • Page Gallery Hub
    Page Gallery Hub
    This app enables you to view and import all your Facebook galleries and images into your own website database. It’s supporting the import of your default account photos albums, but also all of your Facebook pages galleries ! You can from the secure backend interface add or change your images captions, delete the images you don’t want to keep anymore, or also edit your albums names. This app comes with 2 types of displays on the front interface (including a minimalist view) and you can easily use this app to import and display your Facebook images into your own website.
    Value: $147
  • FB Fan Detector
    FB Fan Detector
    This is a powerful yet simple tool which helps to detect that whether a particular visitor is a fan of your page or not and accordingly display the contents to the fans and hide specific contents from the non-fans. It can be embedded to your FACEBOOK page’s IFRAME TAB .
    Value: $147
  • Tube Traffic Machine
    Tube Traffic Machine
    Tube Traffic Machine will get you a TON of FREE traffic to ANY offer in minutes, it’s actually so much more than just a traffic-getting software. This powerful WordPress plugin - compatible with ALL browsers - includes 2 ‘themes’ for building BOTH YouTube & BuzzFeed style sites that generate traffic, leads & profits using OTHER PEOPLE’S CONTENT
    Value: $197
  • Social Mobi videos pro version with developer license
    Social Mobi videos pro version with developer license
    A next-generation video app that runs on FB, Web and mobile from one link, using our smart URL technology.
    Value: $147
  • FB Photo Contest (Generate Leads Using Photo Contest)
    FB Photo Contest (Generate Leads Using Photo Contest)
    Contest and Promotions are best way to generate more leads and engage your fans.This photo contest will help you capture user's real Facebook email as we get Facebook Permissions before users can vote or enter into contest. You can export the leads as CSV and use any email marketing software to promote your business / stay connected.
    Value: $147
  • WP Video Commission Plugin
    WP Video Commission Plugin
    With this plugin you can easily create video affiliate review pages and manage your affiliate bonuses inside of Wordpress.
    Value: $147
  • WP YT-Blogger
    WP YT-Blogger
    Attract a ton of new traffic to your blog by using YouTube videos to create your organic marketing growth strategy.
    Value: $197
  • Account with VideoZ Agency
    Account with VideoZ Agency
    Premium software allows you to create Doodle, Whiteboard, Animation video by customizing pre-made templates. Due to many refund abusiveness, i only give this bonus 30 days after your purchase when refund period expires
    Value: $297
  • Account with KashKow Software
    Account with KashKow Software
    Premium software allows you to build website, build landing page using drag & drop editor and provide you free hosting on the cloud. Due to some refund abusiveness, please, only request to access 30 days after launch when refund period expires
    Value: $247
  • Account with 3D Style Video Creation App
    Account with 3D Style Video Creation App
    Access to the Hollywood Style and 3D Video Maker that can be used on both Windows and Mac OS. It has animation, text to speech features with beautiful characters, scenes and templates. Notes: to get this bonus, it can only for manual request and in the time that refund process has completed (to avoid abusesiveness)
    Value: $297
  • Tiger Project Manager
    Tiger Project Manager
    A New Software Tool Has Just Been Released That Allows Internet Marketers To Manage Multiple Profitable Products With Ease Increasing Their Bank Accounts Substantially. Now You Can Treat Your Business Like A Business And Increase Your Profits All At The Same Time. Introducing Tiger Project Manager - Now you can add as many projects and project tasks you can think of. See all projects and tasks on one screen giving you a birds eye view as well as the detail needed to complete those projects as fast as possible. Get those projects out before a competitor beats you.
    Value: $197
  • ​Ready-Made Niche Websites
    ​Ready-Made Niche Websites
    An online business that leads to success starts with a website. Website is the place where you build relations with your audience, share your knowledge and experience with others and finally make money from your website. And if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on the creation of a website, Here is 100 ready-made blogs, packed with all the content you’ll need to attract FREE search engine traffic, backlinks, visitors and buyers…
    Value: $197
  • 350+ HD Background Videos with Resell rights
    350+ HD Background Videos with Resell rights
    HD Video Backgrounds you can use for yourself and your client's projects
    Value: $997
  • 300 Cut-Out People Images
    300 Cut-Out People Images
    Cutout People Images you can insert to landing page,salespage,etc
    Value: $297
  • Account with OutReach Software
    Account with OutReach Software
    Outreachr gives any business or entrepreneur the power to acquire more leads and make more sales by making their content more interactive with Quizzes, Polls, Surveys, Stories, Galleries and other personality tests, in a matter of minutes [Even if you have zero tech skills]
    Value: $297
  • LetReach Web Notifications
    LetReach Web Notifications
    LetReach is a full featured web push notification platform which helps in re-engaging users to website. - Geo Targeting - Detailed Reporting - Works on both HTTP and HTTPS website and more more features
    Value: $297

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